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Bathe in a rainbow


Evoke the perfect mood for relaxation, rejuvenation or even romance by commanding the entire spectrum of the rainbow with our colorful Chromatherapy system.


Set your bath water aglow with the green abundant in the nature's bounty for a sense of woodsy calm or instead choose the vibrant red of fire to rekindle your internal flame. Have fun discovering which of seven shades available in our Chromatherapy system suits you and your state of mind best. Try one color per session or let a kaleidoscope of color wash over you by having them alight in a pre-programmed sequence.


These built-in LED lights, available on most MAAX bathtubs and shower tubs, make the perfect complement to any of our other tub spa therapies to give you a complete, colorful experience.

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Not a vision, a sensation

You may think you see color, but did you know you also feel it? Lights comes in many different wavelengths and frequencies that hit your retina, which then translates these invisible "vibrations" as a different color to your brain.


Early Greek, Egyptian and Chinese civilizations, recognizing that little grows without light, theorized that the many colors that make up visible light had individual powers that influence emotions and systems of the body. Today, many recognize chromatherapy as helpful holistic healing method.


Choose your hue

Colors evoke different responses in different people, often because of emotional connections from the past. Your response to a certain color may vary from the general accepted healing properties listed below.



Purifies your spirit and offers refreshing peace. Works wonders for headaches.



The source for true relaxation. Calms in stressful times and indulgent to the senses.



Offers balance and relief from inflammation.



Calms your mind, body and soul. Provides both relief and stability.



Soothes a sore, tired body. Stimulates circulation and the respiratory system.



Stimulates and rejuvenates. Creates a mood of excitement and activates circulation.



Promotes a true sense of tranquility. Reduces anxiety and detoxifies.