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Naturally pure, safe and effective


You retreat to your bath for solace from life's little imperfections.


MAAX Collection whirlpool tubs keep your mind free from those worries by keeping your tub's water clear with our unique Ozonator, an innovative way to keep your soothing waters ever fresh and, more importantly, always clean.

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Force of nature

The Ozonator cleans and purifies your bathwater by harnessing the power of one of Mother Nature's most effective elements – oxygen.


When you turn on the whirlpool, the pumping system's suction creates airflow through the Ozonator. When oxygen atoms pass through its corona discharge lamp, they fuse together in threes to create ozone – a colorless natural gas with a rain fresh scent. Once dissolved in your bath, ozone neutralizes unhealthy microorganisms and ensures a sparkling clear water finish.


This natural, safe purification process leaves no harsh chemical residues. As you revel in the many benefits of your whirlpool, the crystal clean water running through means reduced maintenance and prolonged life expectancy for your bathtub.


A history of effectiveness

Ozone has been a proven sanitizing solution for more than century, starting when France opened the first drinking water treatment plant to use ozone for purification in 1906. Success there helped spread the process throughout Europe where it is now common. In recent decades, ozone purification traveled across the Atlantic for use in Canada and the United States. Many modern swimming pools and spas, for example, use ozone as a primary or supplemental water purification system.